THE GREEN DIARY : Canadian New Year 2021

Friday, 8th January :

We got here in the nick of time and it looks as though we are going to get out in the nick of time too.

The UK has announced that all international passengers will have to be tested for Covid no later than 72 hours before their departure; but as they have as yet not announced a specific date, in the usual indecisive manner we have come to expect from Bojo and his Shudder of Cabinet Clowns, it looks as though we are home free. 

Ironically, four days ago the Ontario Government announced that anyone from the UK and all those with whom they are in contact must take the test. We, by which I mean our whole Canadian family bubble, six of us, duly attended a clinic, had sticks up our noses and tested negative. It was all efficiently handled, results received online and in printable format to be easily produced for inspection if necessary. 

That test of course expires before we leave on Monday but by now it is too late anyway to have one, get the results and travel. If Grant Schapps suddenly imposes a date by then we are liable for a fine of £500. I shall elect to go to prison rather than pay it! Ho-hum!

It’s -11˚C here this morning; clear sunny skies and crisp, dry air. I was meant to get a massage from John Bain (rhymes with pain), the local sports physio. Having ricked my back and neck rather badly when I fell on the ice the other day. But the results of his obligatory test have not come through yet and he is not allowed to be in touch with anyone until they do. So that was cancelled.

We have watched, like the rest of you no doubt, the appalling events in Washington unfolding in the past day or two; not to mention the soaring Covid statistics coming from Britain. Apparently our local hospitals in Ipswich and Colchester are now full and the death rate the highest ever. I offer no comment on these dismal turn of events but as we feared, 2021 looks no better than 2020 so far – early days though. As for Brexit? Well let’s see what next the Cabinet Clowns come up with. Will we be able to get tomatoes & lettuce let alone Camembert & Frisee at the Co-op? Shock horror!

Ivan & Libby & Sarah & Grandpa Tony & Anna – a New Year’s day – Canada 2021!

For us the two pieces of really good news is that we were able to be with our family at this special time and that the forces of reaction in Washington were repelled. Rejoice! Rejoice! 

Saturday, 9th January :

And so this morning our test clearances allowed me to meet John Bain (rhymes with pain!) at his clinic for an hour of a massage of the sports variety. No pampering here as he melted those knotted muscles. Such relief.

Spontaneous rinks

Another sunny, icy day. Some of the family went skating at Beaverbrooke. Apparently the crisp white covering will now stay until spring so there is less ice to kill yourself on!

Still no specific news from Mr Shapps and his friends so we are now passed the possible deadline of 72 hours and may well appear in London on Tueasday with no valid, negative test certificate. Ho-hum. Do not pass GO, do not collect £200, go straight to JAIL.

One journey – and for once only please – has been traversing the cosmos with all twenty-one of the Marvel epic Avengers, a Disney odyssey of quite spectacular destruction ending in half the universe being killed off by a dour, large-looking man called Thanos (I think). CGI has never had it so good; but very diverting especially while we have another set of real avengers busy trying to destroy American democracy just south of us here!

While on the subject, we’ve finished The Flight Attendant, a rather whimsical comedy thriller and the latest, brilliant Bryan Cranston series, Your Honor.

Sunday, 10th January :

Overcast today, our last day – and still no news  from Mr. Shapps. 

The massage yesterday has proved wonderful. Today, hooray, no  pain-in-the-neck and upper back! I wish I could have another massage soon but our lovely Paul Carey in Manningtree I guess, will not be able to come out for a while.

We have to go into immediate quarantine again when we get back. Friend Willie Meston has laid in emergency stocks and Tesco’s comes with a big order the day after we arrive. Other than that there is nothing in the Calendar for the whole of 2021. Our Madeira visit is cancelled, sadly, and the Voucher Folder is now overflowing with pretty useless airline vouchers none of which can be amalgamated into a nice, single, handy amount nor converted into cash. Hey Ho, Friends. 

Wake me when it’s over!


Home to Covia Brexitannia.

A gentle song from the sirens of Mistley:

10 Replies to “THE GREEN DIARY : Canadian New Year 2021”

  1. Lovely catch up, thank you, Peter. But who is Mr Schnapps? I was a bit confused to know whether you were leaving Monday today or Monday next week. How long is your quarantine when you get back to the UK?

  2. Hi Pedro, Prose as engaging as ever in 2021 so at least that hasn’t changed and dumbed down. Skating and family times look wonderful. Silver linings can be hard to find but those are pretty big ones. I donned the child care hat with Sally and co in Manchester at the start of January and shall remain UP NORTH til I get the vaccine call. Here’s hoping your UK arrival doesn’t set you behind bars! x Ruth

  3. Thank you for bringing some colour and life into our passivity on The Green. I was on a Coach Retreat since last Thursday with IMD from Lausanne and was supposed to be in the retreat on the Lakes and Mountains. Instead it was in my home office on The Green.
    Still great to be doing something different and meeting people from all over the Globe. There were some folk from the US and they were truly traumatised by what is happening in their Country. Hope he gets impeached but doubt if anyone will be strong enough to manage that. What shocks me is his mother was Scottish from the Isle of Lewis. Normally those Highland and Islanders have staunch values. Interesting times ahead for all of us!!

  4. Where did you find the Flight Attendant to watch?

    Waiting eagerly for you to be back.

    Love and hugs


  5. What a truly wonderful and mesmerising tale in ‘The Tiller Girl’! I was in tears by the end. Thank you so much for the upliftment which quite literally took my breath away.

    I’m glad you’re getting back to Inghilterra as planned and that you had a good time in Canada, even though you fell on the ice you silly old thing!

    Love to you and of course Tony.

    Griselda x

  6. Welcome back! We hope to get the jab within the next two months.
    Optimism returns – so much so that we have firmly reserved our French ferry for 24 April. The trouble is the French – will they be ready to receive us? The UK leads Europe with vaccinations (2 million and counting by weeks end) but poor France had only done 8000 a few days ago. They placed their faith in a French product which has failed to deliver. And then Germany broke ranks after all the EU countries agreed not to individually purchase vaccines but leave it to the Brussels Secretariat – and purchased 30 million doses from Pfizer. Groot storings, man!
    Pleased to see your Canadian family seems to have survived three weeks at close quarters. What’s the secret?
    In the current climate since you haven’t had your flight test in time, you may be banged up in Wormwood Scrubs. Let us know if you need a Red Cross parcel. Fresh eggs from Anglesey!

  7. They won’t put you in jail skuttie – the last thing the powers-that-be want is to add to the problems of HMQ’s Penal System. You will just be left to languish on the airline side in the airport for the rest of your life…tres boring.
    And don’t moan to me about useless Airline Vouchers. 11 years of flying to and from China 2/3 times per year has allowed us to amass squillions of Air Miles, with which I intended to visit SA every year for some time to come. Alas, all now completely f***king useless.

    Yes we watched open mouthed, jaw dropped, at the events in Washington…what will happen on Jan 20th one wonders. If Trumpypoo tries to fly in to Prestwick for a game of golf at one of his venues,wee Nicola will be there to shoo him back onto his plane and send him packing. We Scots have no time for orange skinned fantasists.

  8. Well, well! For a moment I thought you’d emigrated to the colonies! Hope that we’ll be able to get together once you’ve lived through isolation and when lockdown lifts a bit: it’s been faaaaar toooooo long!
    Look after yourselves and stay safe.

  9. Dear Pedro,
    Thanks for all the work you are putting into roving around Canada when you should be in lockdown in the UK! But it all looks rather beautiful, I should stay away from home as long as possible. Lovely pics and commentary!!

    Much love

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