THE GREEN DIARY : Tuesday, 2nd June 2020.


Yesterday Bea & Dana came to clean. An exciting change in our routine coinciding with the easing of Lockdown restrictions.

They have been looking after us for a couple of years now and come every second Monday for two hours. During the past months they have been on furlough and returned yesterday by agreement clad in all sorts of protective gear while we vacated the house and went to the Hearts Delight Garden Centre, a new allowance too, searching for ceramic pots and hydrangeas to put in them. The two meter rule is still in force of course but that didn’t alter the pleasure of the change in routine especially as the weather is so perfect at present.

Tony has finished the latest draft of his new book and is taking a week out for some gardening and fixing.

Bea & Dana live in Colchester but they are Polish and have lived here for many years; they have a strange relationship with Poland for like most Poles, they are intensely patriotic and love the country but have no wish to live there any more as they find it an intolerant society with, at the moment, a particularly intolerant and rather right wing, pro-church regime; not sympathetic to their orientation which, like ours, is gay. In fact the circumstances under which they moved to England are fairly sad since both were discriminated against in Poland, losing good jobs in teaching and management, because of prejudice and intolerance.

Anyway, we are all set fair to sail into the new Lockdown dispensation feeling rather querulous about its success. There seems to be much indecision in the air, a thing we are getting used to in Britain today.

Until Bea & Dana came yesterday, no-one had set foot in the house for 79 days during which time I calculated we had prepared 237 meals, consumed roughly 300 glasses of wine each, used 40 rolls of toilet paper,  4 razors, 2 canisters of shaving cream, four tubes of toothpaste, four bars of soap, four cans of Lynx, received 3 deliveries from Ocado, uncountable from Amazon, a lot from The Wine Society and Majestic, joined at least 20 two-meter queues at several shops, used 80 dishwasher tabs.,  22 loads of washing and as much ironing and concluded that the domestic round never ends really – and how nice it would be to eat someone else’s food, somewhere else!

Looked at like that, you must admit its not boring is it? Because there are also the umpteen box sets, binge TV watching, online bridge playing and zooming which add up to a lot of sitting time too and here is a picture of our Corona Class Seating during the, so far, 79 day Lockdown journey toward wherever it is we are heading! 

And this morning, our testing kit arrived and now the big question – have we antibodies for SARS-CoV-2 virus? 

Watch this space!

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