THE GREEN DIARY : Saturday, 25 July 2020.

Mistley sub-Post Office with Swan Basin (John Adams) in the foreground.

This morning in the Mistley sub-Post Office I was called a “f***ing arsehole” by the only other person in the little shop, at the counter, posting lots of parcels.

She was complaining about wearing a mask; it was stuffy and stupid, she said, and why should she? Her sun glasses misted up she told Frances the postmistress, behind her glass screen; how could it save the economy (sic) and what about her freedoms? She had a rainbow mask that could not cover both mouth and nose at the same time so she may just as well not bothered to wear one.

From a metre and a mask away and hoping to speed up the transaction taking place, in a calm, muffled voice, extremely politely I said, “Its less uncomfortable than the disease.”

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